Damp and mould

Some damp is caused by condensation. This can lead to a growth in mould that appears as a cloud of little black dots.

Condensation occurs when moist air comes into contact with a colder surface like a wall, window, mirror, etc. The air can’t hold the moisture and tiny drops of water appear. It occurs in places the air is still, like the corners of rooms, behind furniture or inside wardrobes.

How to reduce condensation at home

Produce less moisture

Simple things can make a huge difference.

Keep the lids on pans when cooking, dry clothes outdoors where possible, not on radiators.

Let the moist air out and the fresh air in

Extractor fans are an effective way to get rid of moist air and steam, which can reduce condensation in your home. If you have an extractor fan fitted please do use it. Even fans that run continuously, for example those fitted in the ceilings of bath and shower rooms, use cost very little electricity and are very efficient to run.

To stop moist air getting into the rest of your home keep the door shut in your kitchen and bathroom when cooking or bathing and open the window so that the steam goes outside instead.

Where the air is still you need to let fresh air circulate, by making sure there is a gap between your furniture and the walls.

Heat your home a little more

While you don’t want to waste money heating rooms you don’t use, very cold rooms are more likely to get damp and mould. Set the thermostatic radiator valve to 1 in unused rooms so the radiator gives out a little bit of heat whenever you have the heating on. If you don’t have central heating, consider using a room heater with a timer and temperature control.

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