Standing Charges for Gas

What’s a standing charge?

A standing charge is a fixed daily amount that you have to pay to your energy supplier for the supply of energy to your home, even if you do not use any energy, your suppler will charge you a daily charge.

The average standing charge for Gas is 0.28p per day.

Can you stop a standing charge?

You will need to speak to your supplier to see if you can be placed on a reduced tariff or reduced standing charge. They may also advise to disconnect your supply if you want to stop the charge. Rosebery would not recommend this due to the potential impact of your health, wellbeing and potential disrepair to your home.

Rosebery have a legal requirement to check your gas supply*

To do this there needs to be money available on your meter, and we want you to make sure that you have a safe heating and hot water facility in your property.

If you are unable to provide this please contact our Gas Officer immediately on 01372 814000.

If you are experiencing any difficulties our team at Rosebery are here to help.

* If you are a homeowner or leaseholder, you are responsible in checking your own gas supply and equipment, and we recommend this is carried out annually.

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