The Importance of Fire Doors

What are fire doors?
Fire doors act as a barrier to fire and toxic smoke. They help to stop a fire from spreading through a structure, they limit the extent of damage and they allow for evacuation, stay-put and safe access for emergency services.
Fire and smoke doors can be found on stairwells, corridors and flat front doors in a block of flats. They are also used to safeguard areas where there is a risk of fire, such as bin storage and the mains power service cupboard. Fire doors are occasionally found within apartments but this is dependent on the design and layout of the flat.

Who is responsible for the fire doors in my building?
The fire doors in common areas of the building are the legal responsibility of Rosebery Housing Association. Please contact us if you have any questions or need fire safety information on your building’s specific fire plan, to make sure you are prepared in an emergency.

What about my front door?
Your front door is a fire door if it faces a common area in the building. It’s vitally important that it works properly in the event of a fire, so please make sure that it’s fully fit for purpose.
If you are a leasehold renter, please read your lease contract carefully and speak with your landlord. You may find that it’s your responsibility to guarantee that an appropriate fire-rated door is installed, along with all the necessary compatible components.

Don’t alter your fire door
Never try to fix or maintain your fire door. This can damage it and reduce its ability to function properly in an emergency.
• Don’t drill into your fire door or cut it in any way;
• Don’t paint over the seals on a fire door;
• Don’t replace the handles, hinges or any hardware. Always have repairs carried out by a qualified individual
For more information on fire doors visit London Fire Brigade

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