Learning online and digital skills

Clarion Housing and the Surrey Lifelong Learning Partnership are teaming up to offer support on getting online, learning new ways of working, employment skills and more.

The free online sessions are hosted by a skilled mentor who can help with:

  • Getting online.
  • Learning how to use your internet device.
  • Searching and apply for jobs listed online.
  • Attending Zoom based courses/events.
  • Finding and using online learning resources.
  • Using and managing emails easily.

If you would like to find out more and book a session, please contact Alex from the Surrey Lifelong Learning Partnership by email or call 07951461585.

Here is an example of the support provided:

J has long been reluctant to use her laptop unless completely necessary. The word digital makes her feel anxious, confused and she finds it a challenge to use and engage in anything related to ICT. J also has low level English skills, finding it overwhelming to read everything on the screen, as well as using the keyboard to type or sending a text message. Although, this is improving through online English lessons.

J wanted to feel more safe and secure online, as well as be able to manage her emails better and send attachments. We worked together one-to-one over Zoom, demonstrating ways J can organise her most important emails into favourites as well as practicing how to send attachments.

In the sessions following, we worked together on a free Online Safety course, which covered how to stay safe online, keeping personal data secure and using social media. This has raised her awareness on what the risks might look like and what to do if she encounters them.

Recently J needed to forward a letter to her child’s school, she was able to attach the file and send this as an email without any help. She also feels less anxious using and happier when hearing the word ‘digital’ and that she understands how to use the internet safely.

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