Estate Services – Property cleaning schedule


Cleaning Day

Aintree Court  Tues
Albert House  Tues
Ascot Court  Tues
Ash Court  Fri
Ashworth Place  Mon
Bahram Road  Wed
Bishopsmead Court  Thurs
Blake Court  Thurs
Caldwell Court  Thurs
Carpenter Close  Windows only
Celia Court  Thurs
Chamberlin Close  Wed
Cherry Way Flats  Fri
Clifton Court  Thurs
Colne Court  Wed
Curtis Road Flats  Mon
Donovan Close  Wed
Drummond Court  Thurs
Eleanor Avenue Flats  Thurs
Everest Court  Thurs
Gadesden Road,37-38a  Fri
Gatley Avenue Flats  Fri
Gilbert Court  Tues
Goldsmith Court  Thurs
Granton Court  Thurs
Hardy House  Tues
Harvester Road Flats  Wed
Haydock Court  Tues
Helm Close, 24 (Hope)  Tues
Hollymoor Lane Flats  Wed
James Court, Baker Place  Fri
John Gale Court  Daily
Kempton Court  Tues
Larby Place Flats  Thurs
Little Stanford Close,  Tues
Longford Court  Tues
Maritime Court  Thurs
Maritime Court  Thurs
Merchant Row  Mon
Middleton Road Flats  Thurs
Mole Court  Tues
Nelson House  Tues
Nimbus Road Flats  Wed
Norman Colyer Court  Daily
Parkside Court  Fri
Pemberley House  Thurs
Pheonix Court  Mon
Poyle Croft  Mon
Roberts Court  Thurs
Rollin House  Wed
Rushmere Court  Mon
Ruxley Court  Fri
Sandown Court  Tues
Scotts Farm Road Flats  Fri
Stafford Rise Flats  Tues
Sycamore Drive  Mon
Teddington Close Flats  Wed
The Homestead  Mon
The Kingsway  Thurs
Tomlin Court  Daily
Tonstall Road Flats  Mon
Upper High Street, 58  Mon
Wandle Court  Fri
Watersedge Flats  Tues
West Hill Court  Mon/Thurs
West Street Flats  Thurs
Wey Court  Tues
Rosebery Housing Association Limited is a charitable registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. Registered No. IP27671R. Registered Provider LH4026.
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