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Neighbourhood Inspections – Sue & Wendy


Sue and Wendy’s Neighbourhood Inspections

August 2019

Albert House – Internal area very clean, External communal area a few weeds around service boxes also side of metal fencing – reported to Estate officer.

July 2019

Noble Park    – Drummond Court – internal area clean , external grounds grass cut gardens looked neat.

Granton Court – internal area very clean also Robert Court – Parking area some weeds – reported to Estate Officer.

Blake Court – Internal area clean, external area front ok , however rear area a large amount of weeds between bricked parking space.- pictures taken and reported to estate officer.



July 2019 –

Parkside Court – Internal areas clean also all lift lights checked and working

External communal area  – grass overgrown , weeds side of bin areas stores side of garages and side of parking spaces there is also weeds coming through rails side of flats. I have take pictures and emailed estate officer

and been advised that external communal areas will be tidy and weeds cleared on Wednesday 31st July.



July 2019

Maritime Court – Internal communal area very clean, external area a few weeds against fencing reported to estate officer.

James Court and Baker Place – front communal garden either side of 1- 8 James Court weeds growing through hedging reported to Estate officer.

Rushmere Court – internal communal area clean external communal grounds looked good. reported cigarette ends side of 25-30 letter being sent . furniture left rear and side of Rushmere – reported to estate officer .


July 2019

Gilbert Court

Internal communal areas clean – External area clean, although a large amount of cigarette ends found outside communal entrance – writing letters to residents.

Stafford Rise – 9-19 Internal area very clean- External area rubbish under grating outside communal doors.

untaxed vehicle and items left outside houses – noted and action being taken

Grounds to side of 45 Stafford still not attended to.- pictures sent to Estate office to take action.


June 2019

Parkside Court

  • External communal grounds looked very goods, weeds in beds and around bin stores cleared, internal communal area all lift light working and hallways clean.

Livingstone Park

  • External communal grounds weeds in all flower beds, also broken fence side of Ascot Court – reported to repairs groundworks passed to Estate officer. all blocks internal communal areas clean.

Rushmere Court

  • Rear of 1-6 wood flooring left side of building – spoke to resident has advised will remove when work finished also advised Estate officer. Communal grounds looked very good , internal cleaning looked ok.

James Court/ Baker Place

  • External grounds looked scruffy with a lot of weeds in the beds and parking areas also around garages – reported to Estate officer.

Gilbert Court

  • Internal area very clean, External communal area a few weeds around bin area otherwise looked very good.

Stafford Rise flats

  • 9-19 internal communal area clean external around the flats looked good. A few weeds on slope where there is planting. – reported to Estate officer
  • Some possessions left in communal hallways  – letter to be sent to residents as this is a health & safety issue.
  • Internal cleaning not meeting specification – Firstport to meet with cleaning agency.
  • External communal grounds especially in parking area needs looking at  – Firstport to take up with Grounds agency.
  • Issues with Tesco lorries  – Firstport to take up with Tesco to see a way forward
  • May 2019


    • Alder House – rear communal garden overgrown – reported to Firstport, however there are a number of belongings left out in the garden which would have to be removed before grass cutting.
    • Limewood House –bike stores taken over by weeds – reported to Firstport
    • Also a few rusty looking bikes in shed.
    • Bin stores – items other then normal household rubbish left in the bin stores – reported to Firstport
    • Internal communal areas most blocks have items stores on the landings – reported to Firstport.

    School Meadow

    • Block 6-15 weeds in front garden, bush nearly covering ground floor window, also fence damaged side of 6-15 – picture taken and passed to the management company.
    • Rear communal garden weeds between bricks on paved areas also weeds in barked areas. Internal area carpets looked dirty on stairs leading to all floors.
    • Block 16-25 Carpets on stairs leading to all floors very dirty specially stairs leading to 1st and 2nd floors. All information sent to management company.

    Parkside Court

    • 1-10 internal communal area clean a few scuff marks on walls leading from flat 9 to top floor (all lights working in lift) – reported to estate officer
    • Block 11-24 internal area clean (all lights working in lift)
    • Block 25-38 internal area clean (all lift lights working)
    • Reported bin store doors paint work peeling

    Albert House

    • Internal communal area very clean. External area looked good a few weeds near metal fence – reported to Estate officer.
  • April 2019

    Caterham – Stafford Rise

    • External communal area wooden posts missing on steps opposite 9-19 Stafford Rise. Weeds removed and grass cut rear of flats. Internal communal area very clean.
    • External area around maisonettes grass cut and weed free looked good

    Gilbert Court

    • Internal communal area very clean. External area grass cut , however a few weeds on extra parking area – passed to Estate officer.


    • Grass had just been cut looked good, loose drain cover leading to car park noted.
    • Graffiti on bin store walls next to Pelman House -reported
    • Internal communal areas had all been cleaned and hovered , however 13-18 Covell stain on wall this has been reported and will be removed.

    Parkside Court

    • All blocks lift lights ok and internal communal areas looked good.
    • Communal grounds grass recently cut , however a number of weeds in hedge areas and moss in garden areas side of buildings. – reported to estate officer.
    • Paintwork still not attended to on bin store doors – reported again to building surveyor.

    Maritime Court

    • External area weeds and nettles up against wooden boundary fence. Cigarette butts on gravel outside block 4-11- reported to Estate officer also letter sent to residents .
    • Internal area of both blocks very clean.

    Rushmere Court

    • External communal grounds looked immaculate grass cut, no weeds or fly-tipping found.
    • Internal areas looked good.

    Ascot Court

    • Internal area clean.

    Haydock Court

    Internal communal area very clean

    Kempton Court

    • Internal area clean

    Sandown Court

    • Internal area clean
    • External communal grounds looked good a wardrobe door left in the bin area
    • Of Ascot Court – reported to estate officer . All other bin areas swept and clean.
  • March 2019

    Gilbert Court

    • Internal communal area – very clean
    • External grounds looked good.

    Stafford Rise

    • Internal communal areas – clean
    • External a few weeds but not many, dog mess around the grounds – letters sent to all residents.
    • A few batons holding back earth looked to be leaning slightly forward – reported to repairs.

    Drummond Court

    • Internal area clean , External grounds looked good , however all bushes directly outside 1 Drummond have died off. I have emailed Chamonix.

    Blake Court

    • Internal area stain still on wall by front communal , walls marked on side of stairs from ground floor up to 1st floor also carpet stained by lift area on ground floor. – reported to Estate Officer.
    • External grounds front of property weeds between brickwork on front communal; area also outside where the planting has been done, this has been passed to Groundscapes.

    Roberts Court

    1. Internal communal area clean, external grounds good.
  • February 2019

    Horton Retail

    • Covell House – internal area – some possessions left on landings and in some cupboards – Firstport to prepare letters.
    • Car park rear of Covell some lights not working – Firstport will re lamp.
    • Manhole to site has worked loose – Firstport to organise repair.
    • Pelman and Sinton House – Firstport to look at decoration.
    • External grounds pretty good grass cutting to begin when weather is dryer.

    School Meadow

    • Bush outside window of ground floor flat right hand side of entrance door of 6-15 passed to Estate officer. Rest of grounds ok.
    • Internal area 6- 15 ground floor carpets grubby also stairs leading to first floor and first floor landing grubby. Passed to Estate officer.
    • Internal area 16-25 ground floor carpets very grubby also stairs leading to all floors dirty .Passed to Estate officer.
    • Several black sacks left on landing, knocked on residents door – no reply, passed to Estate officer.
  • January 2019

    January 2019

    Parkside Court
    • External area – weeds in area by bin stores picture taken and passed to estate officer, gutter needs re fixing over garages opposite bin store – picture taken and sent to repairs. Bin store doors paint flaking off this was reported before have taken another picture and sent to surveyor.
    • 1-10 internal area clean
    • 11-24 internal area clean, 25-38  internal area clean
    Drummond Court
    • Internal communal area clean,- external area around the block neat and tidy a few weeds.
    Granton Court
    • Internal area very clean a few scratches on the metal stair edges – grounds around block very tidy.
    Roberts Court
    • Internal area very clean – Parking area at rear of block had a few weeds and moss, reported to estate officer.
    Blake Court
    • Ground floor by front entrance coffee stain on wall reported to estate officer
    • Communal grounds around block had a few leaves and weeds.reported to estate officer.
    Ascot Court
    • Internal ground floor carpet grubby, all other parts clean – reported to Estate officer.
    • External – communal area good.
    • Drains between the parking areas of Ascot and Sandown damaged – reported to repairs.
    Haydock Court
    • Internal area clean – external area hedges cut back garden area a few weeds.
    • Internal area clean, external a lot of leaves around front garden area reported to estate officer.
    • Internal communal area clean, leaves in hedges – reported to estate officer.
    • Internal communal area clean, external area around the block very muddy also a little rubbish , reported to estate office.
    Maritime Court
    • Internal communal area clean, external area moss in parking area and on ground around building, reported to Estate officer.
    James Court & Baker Place
    • James Court 5-8 internal communal area clean, external area around both blocks a few weeds in flower beds.
    Rushmere Court
    • Internal areas clean, external a few leaves gathered around the entrance to all blocks, and a freezer, mattress and washing machine , fly-tipped by wall next to  entrance to parking area, Reported to estate officer.
    Gilbert Court
    • Internal area clean , external area very few weeds a bit of moss around parking area.- reported to Sam estate officer
    Stafford Rise
    • Flats internal area clean, bin stores opposite houses had a mattress and other items these have been reported.
    • Lamp outside 39 Stafford reported as not working.
    • Grounds area looking quite good

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