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Neighbourhood Inspections – Sue & Wendy



February 2019

Horton Retail

Covell House – internal area some possessions left on landings and in some cupboards – Firstport to prepare letters

Car park rear of Covell some lights not working – Firstport will re lamp

Manhole to site has worked loose – Firstport to organise repair.

Pelman and  Sinton House  – Firstport to look at decoration ,

External grounds pretty good grass cutting to begin when weather a bit dryer.



School Meadow

Bush outside window of ground floor flat right hand side of entrance door of 6-15 passed to Estate officer.

rest of grounds ok.

Internal area 6- 15 ground floor carpets grubby also stairs leading to first floor and first floor landing grubby. Passed to Estate officer

Internal area 16-25 ground floor carpets very grubby also stairs leading to all floors dirty .Passed to Estate officer

Several black sack left on landing, knocked on residents door – no reply passed to Estate officer.

January 2019

Parkside Court
  • External area – weeds in area by bin stores picture taken and passed to estate officer, gutter needs re fixing over garages opposite bin store – picture taken and sent to repairs. Bin store doors paint flaking off this was reported before have taken another picture and sent to surveyor.
  • 1-10 internal area clean
  • 11-24 internal area clean ,25-38  internal area clean
Drummond Court
  • Internal communal area clean,- external area around the block neat and tidy a few weeds.
Granton Court
  • Internal area very clean a few scratches on the metal stair edges – grounds around block very tidy.
Roberts Court
  • Internal area very clean – Parking area at rear of block had a few weeds and moss, reported to estate officer.
Blake Court
  • Ground floor by front entrance coffee stain on wall reported to estate officer
  • Communal grounds around block had a few leaves and weeds.reported to estate officer.
Ascot Court
  • Internal ground floor carpet grubby, all other parts clean – reported to Estate officer.
  • External – communal area good.
  • Drains between the parking areas of Ascot and Sandown damaged – reported to repairs.
Haydock Court
  • Internal area clean – external area hedges cut back garden area a few weeds.
  • Internal area clean, external a lot of leaves around front garden area reported to estate officer.
  • Internal communal area clean, leaves in hedges – reported to estate officer.
  • Internal communal area clean, external area around the block very muddy also a little rubbish , reported to estate office.
Maritime Court
  • Internal communal area clean, external area moss in parking area and on ground around building, reported to Estate officer.
James Court & Baker Place
  • James Court 5-8 internal communal area clean, external area around both blocks a few weeds in flower beds.
Rushmere Court
  • Internal areas clean, external a few leaves gathered around the entrance to all blocks, and a freezer, mattress and washing machine , fly-tipped by wall next to  entrance to parking area, Reported to estate officer.
Gilbert Court
  • Internal area clean , external area very few weeds a bit of moss around parking area.- reported to Sam estate officer
Stafford Rise
  • Flats internal area clean, bin stores opposite houses had a mattress and other items these have been reported.
  • Lamp outside 39 Stafford reported as not working.
  • Grounds area looking quite good
  • December 2018

    Albert House

    • Grounds neat and tidy, internal very clean.
  • November 2018

    Parkside Court

    • Outside communal area – hedges cut back looks tidy, weeds around bins stores and bike stores – pictures taken and passed to Estate officer.
    • Internal areas clean

    Noble Park

    • Ground around Drummond, Blake and Roberts looked well cared for. Internal communal areas clean.
  • October 2018

    Maritime Court

    • Internal areas very clean, external grounds a few leaves but very good.

    Rushmere Court

    • External garden areas looked good ,also internal communal areas clean.

    Oak House

    • Internal areas clean.
    • Grounds a few weeds to the side.
    • Reported to Firstport


    • Internal areas clean – grounds good.

    Livingstone Park

    (Sandown Kempton Haydock Ascot)

    • Visited and door knocking most residents were very happy with the cleaning and external areas .
    • Groudscapes were on site planting a few bulbs and cutting grass.
  • September 2018 

    Parkside Court

    • Outside communal area a few weeds on steps and front of both bin stores – reported. Internal communal areas clean.

    Maritime Court

    • Grounds very good a few weeds by fencing. Internal communal areas clean.

    Rushmere Court

    • Grounds looked good internal communal areas clean.

    Stafford Rise

    • Grounds looked good, a few weeds in parking area. Internal communal area very clean.

    Gilbert Court

    • Grounds very good also internal communal area very clean.
  • August 2018

    Horton retail

    • Bins have now been emptied and the cleaning in the blocks is now in progress.
  • July 2018

    Kempton Court

    • Internal communal area clean, outside area grounds OK.
    • Parking area drains broken and a few bricks moved – pictures taken and reported to repairs.

    Ascot Court

    • Internal area clean, ivy overgrown in bin area, reported to estate office.

    Haydock Court 

    • Internal area clean residents garden looked lovely, bin area bushes growing through – reported to estate officer.

    Sandown Court

    • Internal area clean, bin area bushes growing through , bike shed full of leaves- reported to estate officer.


    • Internal area clean . communal grounds looked very dry , however this was due to weather conditions.

    Drummond Court 8-11

    • Grounds very good internal area ground floor badly marked – reported to estate officer , cleaning company will try and remove.
    • 13 – 17 external area very good also noticed that some residents have put flowers outside entrance area, internal area clean.

    Blake Court

    • Internal area clean, outside a few weeds , however did not look bad Chamonix was seen working.

    Maritime Court

    • Grounds looked good, internal communal areas very clean.

    Baker Place – James Court 5-8

    • Internal area very clean, grounds tidy.

    Rushmere Court 

    • Grounds looked very good – internal areas clean.
    • Lights not working over sheds rear of 13-18 reported to repairs.

    Albert House

    • Internal communal area clean, also grounds very good

    School MeadowBlock 6-15

    • Internal area especially ground floor grubby reported  Estate officer and passed to cleaner – Block 16-25 internal area clean.
    • Grounds directly outside block – overgrown weeds and a bush under a residents window is now blocking view and resident unable to open window. – reported to estate officer and pictures taken.

    Horton retail

    • Met First Port on site due to lack of cleaning and ground maintenance, new contractors to be on site 6th July they will initially concentrate on clearing the rubbish on site and cleaning the blocks. Other issues reported lack of communal window closers, Covell house door closer broken, issue with Tesco lorries, parking management for parking spaces at the front of the site. Further update to follow in due course.

    Blake Court, Robert Court and Granton Court

    • Weeding and hedge trimming required asked Groundscapes to attend, repair logged for some windows at Robert Court where birds are pecking away filling under the windows.
  • May 2018

    Gilbert Court

    • Grass cut around rear of property looked nice
    • Weeds need clearing side of parking area – reported to Estate officer

    Stafford Rise

    • Graffiti in bike shed – reported to estate officer
    • Weeds in grate directly outside communal doors of flats – reported to estate officer.

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