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Neighbourhood Inspections – Sam Hetherington


Find out here what you can expect from our Estate Services.

  • Tasks that are carried out in communal areas by our General Cleaning Teams.

    Tasks to be carried out in communal areas by our General Cleaning Teams:


    Clean all entrance areas including glass, fixtures & fittings external letter boxes & porch areas Weekly
    Clean all communal Rooms including Lounges, Bathrooms, Toilets, Laundry Rooms & Office Weekly
    Replenish Soap, Hand Towels & Toilet Rolls Weekly
    Dust or damp wipe handrails, balustrades, skirting’s’, window cills, appliances and other horizontal surfaces. Remove Cobwebs from all areas Weekly
    Clean Guest rooms after use Weekly
    Spot clean gloss paintwork, walls, switches & sockets to remove impact marks Weekly
    Clean accessible intake cupboards Weekly
    Clean lift paying attention to Mirror, control panel & runners (where applicable) Weekly
    Litterpick, sweep where required & empty Cigarette Bins Weekly
    Check & replace spent lightbulbs and report any faults Weekly
    Vacuum where possible or sweep and then damp mop hard floors Weekly
    Vacuum carpeted areas and entrance mats Weekly
    Sweep light debris & disinfect bin areas Weekly

    Tasks to be carried out in communal areas by our Specialist Cleaning Teams:


    Clean all communal windows inside where safely accessible 6 x per year
    Steam Clean Carpets 1x or 2 x per year
    Deep clean hard floors 1x or 2 x per year

    Tasks to be carried out in communal areas by our Grounds Maintenance Teams:


    Litterpick and all external Monthly March to October, Monthly November to February
    Sweep or blow all paths, parking bays & hard standings and endeavour to keep moss free
    Collect leaf fall & debris as required during Autumn & Winter
    Cut & collect grass and strim as required during the growing season (usually March to October) Monthly
    Remove all weeds from hardstandings, treating with weedkiller as required May & September
    Weed, fork and rake over all beds Monthly
    Edge up all paths, boundaries and edges of beds by hand. April & October
    Trim all hedges and prune all shrubs (unless flowering) April & October
    Remove all debris and leave the site neat and tidy Every Visit

    All Staff who visit site:


    Report any ASB, Bulky Waste, Fly-Tipping, Graffiti etc. Every visit
  • Weekly Communal cleaning schedule


    Cleaning Day

    Aintree Court  Tues
    Albert House  Tues
    Ascot Court  Tues
    Ash Court  Fri
    Ashworth Place  Mon
    Bahram Road  Wed
    Bishopsmead Court  Thurs
    Blake Court  Thurs
    Caldwell Court  Thurs
    Carpenter Close  Windows only
    Celia Court  Thurs
    Chamberlin Close  Wed
    Cherry Way Flats  Fri
    Clifton Court  Thurs
    Colne Court  Wed
    Curtis Road Flats  Mon
    Donovan Close  Wed
    Drummond Court  Thurs
    Eleanor Avenue Flats  Thurs
    Everest Court  Thurs
    Gadesden Road,37-38a  Fri
    Gatley Avenue Flats  Fri
    Gilbert Court  Tues
    Goldsmith Court  Thurs
    Granton Court  Thurs
    Hardy House  Tues
    Harvester Road Flats  Wed
    Haydock Court  Tues
    Helm Close, 24 (Hope)  Tues
    Hollymoor Lane Flats  Wed
    James Court, Baker Place  Fri
    John Gale Court  Daily
    Kempton Court  Tues
    Larby Place Flats  Thurs
    Little Stanford Close,  Tues
    Longford Court  Tues
    Maritime Court  Thurs
    Maritime Court  Thurs
    Merchant Row  Mon
    Middleton Road Flats  Thurs
    Mole Court  Tues
    Nelson House  Tues
    Nimbus Road Flats  Wed
    Norman Colyer Court  Daily
    Parkside Court  Fri
    Pemberley House  Thurs
    Pheonix Court  Mon
    Poyle Croft  Mon
    Roberts Court  Thurs
    Rollin House  Wed
    Rushmere Court  Mon
    Ruxley Court  Fri
    Sandown Court  Tues
    Scotts Farm Road Flats  Fri
    Stafford Rise Flats  Tues
    Sycamore Drive  Mon
    Teddington Close Flats  Wed
    The Homestead  Mon
    The Kingsway  Thurs
    Tomlin Court  Daily
    Tonstall Road Flats  Mon
    Upper High Street, 58  Mon
    Wandle Court  Fri
    Watersedge Flats  Tues
    West Hill Court  Mon/Thurs
    West Street Flats  Thurs
    Wey Court  Tues
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