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Neighbourhood Inspections – Victoria Nwachukwu


Neighbourhood Inspections

September 2018


Play Equipment in Communal Gardens

You told us you were unhappy that the trampolines were removed from the communal gardens. We explained the reasons for this and told you that we would not change that decision but would look for a compromise.

Some of you suggested that you would like to purchase swing sets or similar. We told you we would respond to this suggestion before the school summer holidays.

We do have some reservations but would consider a trial period along these lines:

  1. You must ask for permission from us first. Permission will be refused if we have given permission to others and additional items would, in our opinion, mean that others could not use the space or we could not maintain the grounds effectively.
  2. The Association would accept no liability for damage, loss or injury sustained through the use or installation of the equipment. Insurance for such loss would be the responsibility of the owner.
  3. The equipment must not have a floor area greater than 320cm x 160cm
  4. Any equipment purchased must be installed, maintained and used in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. Equipment must be clearly marked with owner’s address. Unmarked equipment will be removed.
  6. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  7. If the owner does not comply with these conditions we will remove the equipment.
  8. If use of the equipment is causing a nuisance to others we will remove it.

We will review the effectiveness of this trial after 3 months and will consult with all residents whether to allow it to continue.

Gatley Avenue

Grounds maintenance was looking ok. No reported issues.

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