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Money Support


If you are unable to pay your rent or are struggling to pay other bills, please contact us as soon as possible, as the earlier we talk to you, the sooner we can help. Email our Tenancy Sustainment Officers (TSOs) at

There are certain bills that have serious consequences if you do not pay them. For example, rent is a priority debt and should be paid first. If you don’t pay them, the consequences can include:

  • losing your home due to rent arrears
  • having your gas or electricity supply cut off

Non-priority debts usually have less serious consequences. However, the people you owe money to could sue you for money owing, resulting in a County Court Judgement.

How to Deal With Debt:

Step 1

  • Do not ignore the problem.
  • If you have lost your job or are off work because of illness, check that you’re claiming all the benefits you are entitled to.
  • Do not borrow money to pay off your debts without getting advice first, as borrowing could lead to you getting further into debt.

Step 2

  • Work out your personal budget.You can download our personal financial statement template to complete to help you work out your income and outgoing expenses:
Download Personal Financial Statement
  • Put forward a reasonable offer of regular payment to creditors.
  • Tackle your priority debts first.
  • Contact everyone you owe money to and explain your situation.
  • Keep trying to reach an agreement, even if creditors are difficult.

Step 3 

  •  If you are taken to court, then you need to complete the defense documents provided by the court.
  • Always attend court hearings and take a copy of your financial statement with you.
  • Keep copies of any letters or forms you send and receive.
  • If you consider borrowing money as an option, it’s important to keep up the repayments otherwise you could be taken to court and might lose your home.
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