Silent solution for domestic abuse victims

Last year, the police recorded 872,911 crimes involving domestic violence in England and Wales. This was a 5% rise over the previous year’s total.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, it’s important to be able to raise alarm bells, even if this is just with a whisper. If you call 999 but it’s hard or impossible to talk safely, the operator may ask you to cough or touch the keys on your phone in answer to their questions. If the operator is unable to tell if you need an emergency service, they will forward your call to the Silent Solution system.

Silent Solution is designed to help individuals who need police assistance but are unable to speak freely and safely on the phone. You will first hear a 20-second automated message and will be prompted to dial 55 to be connected. The operator will then take details from you by using basic yes or no questions and noting your responses. If you are unable to answer verbally, then simply follow the call handler’s instructions so that they can assess your situation and let you know what to do next.

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