Supporting the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme

Frequently Asked Questions
Rosebery is currently exploring the options for helping those affected by the war in Ukraine. We have communicated with our team members as to how they can become involved in different efforts. We have also started speaking to the local authorities in which we operate, to establish whether there are any opportunities for us to work together to assist with the refugee crisis.
As a starter, we know that some of you may be interested in helping families under the Government’s ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme which was announced on 14 March. More information about the scheme can be found at
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of this scheme, the information below may be useful to you:

Can I become a sponsor:
if I am a leaseholder or shared owner?

You do not need consent from us to take in a lodger if you have a spare room but we do ask that you let us know of any additions to your household. However, if you’re a shared owner you are not permitted to move out and sublet your whole property.
if I have an assured tenancy?
Your tenancy allows you to take in a lodger as long as your home does not become overcrowded. As part of the Home Office’s assessment process, you will need to demonstrate that you have a spare room(s). Before going on to be a sponsor, you will need our permission and once they’ve moved in, we will need the details of any person(s) that move in.
if I have a starter tenancy?
As you cannot guarantee being able to provide accommodation for a minimum stay of six months, you will be prevented from becoming a sponsor. However, if you successfully go on to be an assured tenant, then you can consider becoming a sponsor from then on.

if I live in temporary accommodation?
As you cannot guarantee being able to provide accommodation for a minimum stay of six months, you will be prevented from becoming a sponsor.

Can I charge rent to anyone I help with accommodation?
In recognition of the generosity being offered by sponsors, the government will provide an optional ‘thank you’ payment of £350 per month per residential address for as long as the sponsor arrangement is in place, for up to 12 months. This offer means you cannot charge rent.

Will my benefits be affected if I receive the payment of £350?
The Government is ensuring ‘thank you’ payments do not affect benefit entitlement and will remain tax-free. However, prior to any payment, checks will be carried out which will include a visit to your home. If you wish to seek any further assurances of your entitlement, our Tenancy Sustainment Service can assist.

What am I liable for?
While Rosebery can support you by giving permission where this is applicable, you will remain our tenant and will only deal with the tenant(s) in relation to the property. You will be responsible for your lodger(s) and will need to make sure that you remain fully compliant with the conditions of your tenancy/lease.

What do I do next to join the scheme?
If you are still interested in joining the scheme, you need to register at this at

If any of this changes, we will keep our residents informed.

Rosebery Housing is a trading name of Town and Country Housing, which is a subsidiary within the Peabody Group and is a charitable Registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, registered with the Financial Conduct Authority No. 30167R. Registered office: Town and Country Housing, Monson House, Monson Way, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 1LQ. Rosebery Housing provides housing and repair services to customers in Surrey and West Sussex, supporting sustainable communities by forging strong partnerships, working closely with local customers and creating local jobs.

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