Keeping your area clean

Living in a clean and tidy neighbourhood plays an important part in your quality of life. If you have large items that you no longer need, then they need to be thrown away responsibly. Surrey Re-use Network will, for a small charge, pick up most unwanted bulky items and either recycle them or dispose of them correctly.

Large items of rubbish left near your home is known as fly-tipping, it is unpleasant and puts your health in danger. We are responsible for waste left on our land, so if we need to clear any rubbish it will then be charged back to you. If you see any incidents of fly-tipping, please report the problem to us and, if we can, we’ll charge the person accountable directly.

To contact your local re-use centre, visit their website or email them.

To report incidents of fly-tipping, send us a message through your My Rosebery account.

Rosebery Housing Association Limited is a charitable registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 Registered No. 27671R. Registered Provider LH4026. Rosebery Housing Association is a subsidiary of Catalyst Housing Limited.
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