Electrical product recalls – are your appliances safe?

There is a serious risk posed by faulty appliances in the home, and we are committed to minimising this risk.

Some of these faults are often detected in a specific product and may result in a national recall – this is when the brand takes back all models of a product across the country.

It’s often easy to miss official notifications of product recalls and to carry on using these appliances unaware of the potentially life-threatening risks. If you need to check if your appliance is safe, please visit the Electrical Safety First Product Recall page.

It is also important to register all your electrical appliances when you purchase them. This makes it easier for manufacturers to contact you if they need to issue a product recall. The danger of faulty tumble dryers, fridges and washing machines remains very significant and we encourage you to stay alert to any potential faults and to respond to product recalls.

Here are some other electrical issues you should look out for in your home:

Exposed wiresOverloaded extension leadFaulty and broken socket

Serial numbers of equipment can usually be found on the back of your appliances. Below are examples of other locations a serial number can be found:










To find out more about electrical safety in your home, check out the Electrical Safety First website.

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