Stopping hate in the UK

The current COVID-10 pandemic is showing us the best in communities coming together. However, isolated incidents of Hate Crime and Hate Speech still remain in our society. Stop Hate UK need your help in trying to reduce these incidents, especially when directed at and experienced by the most vulnerable people and groups in our communities.

Why does it matter more now?

Nationally, there is a rise in the number of Hate Crimes targeted at members of the Asian community, and, in particular, members of the Chinese community. Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, there were very few instances of Chinese nationals being targeted by incidents of Race Hate. Those that are now being targeted may not know where or how to access help, or feel comfortable seeking it.

Raising awareness is key, and community cohesion is essential for all. Stop Hate UK are working hard to help get Hate Speech and harmful materials removed, but the more people working with them, the more effective we can all be at recognising local incidents of abuse.

What can you do?

Use social media! Stop Hate UK is very active across most social media platforms. You can find them on –

You can promote their helpline on community pages you belong to, or direct others to their website if people want help, advice or maybe just to talk about an incident.

If you would like to get in touch with Stop Hate UK, you can email them or visit their website.

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