National Scrutiny Week 2020

We have been invited to get involved in the National Scrutiny Week 2020 as we are a lead member of TPAS and known for our recent work in scrutiny. It’s a chance for us to celebrate the impact of our scrutiny work and learn about how other organisations work in partnership with their tenants too.

Highlights of the week include a tenant panel discussion with Clive Betts, MP for Sheffield South East and Chair of the MHCLG Select Committee, plus there will be live panels debates, Q&A’s, webinars and the launch of a brand new research paper into local authority housing scrutiny.

Our Virtual Scrutiny Panel (VSP) answered three key questions:

What makes you proud to be involved in scrutiny?

  • “At Rosebery we believe that resident scrutiny is a valuable tool in improving the services provided. We couldn’t be prouder of the changes that our Virtual Scrutiny Panel has helped us achieved. We are delighted how they have developed as a team and worked in partnership with us to give our residents a ‘voice’ to influence decisions made in the development and design of our services.
  • “I am proud to be a part of the Virtual Scrutiny Panel as I feel that I am making a positive contribution to Rosebery. It is a great honour to be part of Rosebery’s growth and to realise that our suggestions are valued and once implemented, help improve services for all of us.”
  • “Taking an active approach to help my housing association proactively improve their way of communicating and improving all areas that affect us as residents. Tenancy agreements, ASB, Grounds maintenance and fly tipping are but a few choice topics that the VSP will undertake with Rosebery to better a residents standard of living and improve the areas in which we live.”

What are your scrutiny top tips?

  • “Our scrutiny top tips are; don’t be afraid to positively challenge the information you are given, work as a team, ask lots of questions be a ‘critical friend.”
  • “Always give a non-biased honest answer to the topic in hand. VSP members are there to help and advice on all matters of scrutiny and giving your thoughts and feedback is vital in helping to improve the service that your housing association provides.”

Tell us about a scrutiny success?

  • “In the course of examining Rosebery’s ASB process we have been effective at addressing both immediate concerns and wider implications for improving customer satisfaction with the delivery of the ASB service”
  • “I would say my scrutiny success story was when we presented our findings of the first exercise to the board and they agreed with the recommendations we had made.”
  • “Having completed two VSP tasks to date, all of us on the VSP team were pleased to notice that Rosebery took our thoughts and comments onboard in improving the services they offer to all residents.”

You can get involved by attending the live webinars or watching YouTube videos on the official TPAS website. Why not find out more about the opportunities around a fully digital scrutiny process, or national scrutiny success stories?

We will also be actively getting involved on our social media channels, so follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Rosebery Housing Association Limited is a charitable registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. Registered No. IP27671R. Registered Provider LH4026.
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