Our complaints handling and performance

October to December 2019

Rosebery provides a range of services to a variety of customers. On occasions, things do go wrong and customers may want to complain about the services they have received. Complaints gives us the opportunity to work with complainants to put things right.

Rosebery provides a service for making complaints to:

  • give dissatisfied customers a mechanism for seeking redress.
  • collect feedback to enable Rosebery to review its performance and continuously improve services.

The table below shows the number of complaints received between October to December 2019 and how they have been handled:

Performance Indicator October November December
Number of expressions of dissatisfaction (EOD) received. 4 1 0
% of EOD responded within our target of five working days. 100% 100% N/A
Number of EOD escalated to a formal complaint. 0 0 N/A
Number of formal complaints received. 4 1 1
% of formal complaints acknowledged within our target of two working days. 100% 100% 100%
% of formal complaints responded within our target of 10 working days. 75% 100% Complaint is still under investigation and within target
Number of formal complaints escalated to stage 2, of our complaint’s procedure. 0 1 0
Compliments received. 2 3 3
Complaints Handling and Performance Report Q3 - October to December 2019

If you want to find out more about this, please talk to our Customer Experience Team through your My Rosebery account!

Rosebery Housing Association Limited is a charitable registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. Registered No. IP27671R. Registered Provider LH4026.
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