Training courses with the WEA

The WEA have five new courses running in Epsom from September. Find out more below:

Students will begin to explore how skills, knowledge and experience can impact on teaching and learning in the school environment. Students will consider professional conduct and the requirements held by schools to become a teaching assistant or volunteer.

A short course to find out how to support children’s learning in fun ways. This short course is aimed at parents wishing to find out new ways of helping their children at school and prepares those who wish to become helpers in a primary school/EYFS learning environment.

We will use a range of activities and discussions to understand what SEND is, the framework around it and how children with SEND may be helped in school.

This course will enable learners to build confidence through examining ways to raise self-esteem. They will write positive affirmations about their strengths and discuss their achievements. Through goal setting they will produce an action plan to enable them to prepare for work.

The course will provide learners with an understanding of how self-esteem and confidence can be low and how to raise them too. It will examine good and bad stress, the effects of stress on the body and provide a range of coping strategies to deal with low mood.

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