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A day in the life of… Rosebery’s Tenancy Sustainment Officer!


Lidia has been a Tenancy Sustainment Officer in Rosebery for almost three years!

“My day starts at 8am. I check my plan for the day first, I usually have two or three appointments with tenants. I check their rent accounts and read my notes.

I then follow my diary and deal with matters planned for the day. I write reconsiderations to the Councils and DWP, I prepare submissions, write advice letters to tenants, contact tenants, Councils and DWP. I prepare various applications, including Discretionary Housing Payment applications.

During appointments with tenants, I listen to their circumstances and gather all evidence. I then discuss possible options and agree an action plan. After each appointment I make notes and start my casework. To resolve an issue I often perform legal research, consider the legal position of the tenant and write to various organizations. I sometimes visit our tenants in their homes and assist them with their various issues and help them in maximizing their income.

My day is always very busy, I have to make many decisions, do legal research and communicate with tenants, external organizations and with other Rosebery employees. I enjoy helping our tenants and seeing how their situation improves due to my advice.”

If you would like support from one of our Tenancy Sustainment Officers, check out the Tenancy Sustainment Service page. You can also message them through your My Rosebery account.

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