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Affordable warmth in your home


Our partners, Monarch Partnership, have created a handy guide to becoming more energy efficient in your home over the cold months.

Energy efficiency is not only for those of us who want to save the environment, it can also really help your wallet. Regardless of your reasons, cutting back on the amount of energy you use at home has many benefits.

Some energy-efficient changes are one-off investments. Others are small things you can do every day. Whether it is something as big as installing solar panels or insulating your loft, or something as small as turning off the lights, when you’re more energy conscious, you save money.

The average house uses nearly three times as much of its energy (37%) in the winter, compared with in the summer (13%). For example, if you spend £1,400 a year on energy, you will spend approximately £43 a week in the winter compared with £15 a week in the summer!

For the full guide and top tips, view it here:

Rosebery and Monarch Partnership's Affordable Warmth Guide
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