Residents’ fire safety

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Rosebery Housing Association places the utmost importance on the safety of our residents. We will continue to ensure that all of our properties are fully compliant with fire regulations and that our emergency procedures are fit for purpose and robust.

Rosebery does not own or manage any high rise flats. However, in the aftermath of the tragic fire in West London we are taking appropriate action including a thorough review of our fire risk assessment, relevant precautions and fire emergency procedures. Our teams are working on these precautions to ensure we are fully prepared and ready to respond to any fire hazard.

In the meantime, we welcome residents’ support and cooperation in ensuring that they and their homes remain safe from fire at all times. If residents have any information or concerns relating to potential fire risks, they should get in touch with Rosebery as a matter of urgency. Potential fire risks might include areas such as:

•        Blocking emergency escape routes;

•        Fly tipping;

•        Damage to communal area equipment;

•        Smoking in communal areas.

If residents have any such concerns regarding potential fire risks, we would urge them to contact our Customer Experience Team via email or call 01372 814000.

Rosebery Housing Association Limited is a charitable registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. Registered No. IP27671R. Registered Provider LH4026.