Keeping Me Informed

Customer Offer

Our Resident Panel has helped us to produce a Customer Offer that sets out our service standards and promises to our customers. Our Customer Offer makes promises in 5 service areas:

  • Better Homes
  • Accountability
  • Involvement and Support
  • Neighbourhood
  • Rents and Payments

The Resident Panel regularly reviews the Customer Offer to make sure we’re keeping our promises. The Panel also makes recommendations for how we can improve.

Click here to read our Customer Offer 

Annual Report

Our Resident Panel produces a report which reviews what we have achieved for the year and sets out our aims for the coming year.

Streets Ahead

This is a magazine for our residents that we publish 4 times a year. It includes news about changes to our services, details of activities that residents can take part in, ‘real-life’ stories about residents, and lots of other important updates. We have a resident Editorial Panel which meets to help plan each edition of Streets Ahead, so they can give their views and opinions on the kind of information we should publish.

View the latest editions of Streets Ahead and our Annual Report